The same as the "table Wang", why Chinese people are aware of Rolex but do not know Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe is worthy of the name of the king, this point should be no controversy, but some friends may not understand why Rolex is also the king of the table. It can be said that Patek Philippe is in the complex process of the king, Rolex is in the basic functions to dominate. Patek Philippe is the art, so it can say no one can really have a Patek Philippe, but kept it for the next generation "is not objectionable; while Rolex is in practical products, precision and durability can be said to be the world famous brand watches, the total of all year by the Swiss Observatory certification in almost half of all Rolex products. But the same as the "table Wang", why do Chinese people know that replica watches did not know Patek Philippe? Price Patek Philippe price is too high, only the truly rich estimate can afford, and Rolex is not the same, the rich people can afford to buy, ordinary people can afford to bite. And the popularity of a brand is to rely on the spread, especially between people and people, Rolex prices are relatively cheap, a lot of people in China can afford to buy luxury. And after buying to be sure to show off, so you praise me I praise you, we spread each other, talk about each other, known to come out. But the Chinese people who bought Patek Philippe would have been less, and fewer people would have had time to show off. yield Rolex high yield we should all know, the annual output is a level of Patek Philippe, and annual output will yield less caused tens of thousands of pieces, people buy less, back to the origin, people buy less, the less people know, people must be less. Not long ago, the authority of accounting, audit and management consulting firm DDT (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited) released a "2016 global luxury report (Global Powers of Luxury power Goods report), replica watches uk in the world's 100 largest luxury goods company ($5 billion 581 million) ranked 11, Patek Philippe ($1 billion 269 million) ranked 41, this is not Patek Philippe no Rolex, just because it is too little production. Audience Always think the audience positioning of Rolex is really amazing, as long as willing to spend money to buy luxury people can afford, so the very mass base, and Patek Philippe is relatively far away from the public, is a small number of people to "play" brand. It had said a phenomenon nowadays, a pop star can cause a little wind sways grass millions or even tens of millions of people, but a scientist's invention but only people with emotion. Take last year's Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, Tu, because she is Chinese and accounted for two days headlines, but most people just say "Oh" is no longer concerned about. Here is not to criticize what, Xiaobian want to say is that people are not feeling for too far away from their own things, naturally less attention, and often some pertinent or crazy things can occupy people's attention. It can be said that Rolex is their own, Patek Philippe is the others, people talk about their own more, know more people naturally. style Here said the style is not good, but the quality of the. Rolex first in the Chinese fire up is what, there is no doubt that "fade to, our idea is bring to let people see, glittering, domineering; Patek Philippe fine workmanship, artistic mood, often hundreds of thousands, millions, Chinese on this table can not afford, too do not appreciate. The gentleman wearing a belt like Patek Philippe is estimated to hundreds of thousands, although feel good, but most people don't think it is worth so much money, know the value of it only really understand the table of talent. But really understand the table where there are so many people, and know how to buy the table can be less Patek Philippe. rolex replica is not the same, to star politicians, to the white-collar workers, can afford to buy, hold, so you can say it is vulgar, but cannot say that it is not fire. Some people may also say that the Chinese know Rolex and I do not know Rolex because Patek Philippe has entered China as early as 100 years ago. But in fact, Patek Philippe as early as 150 years ago has come to China, August 30, 1863, Patek Philippe founder Antoine-Norbertde Patek wrote: "M ller is Shanghai's most prominent watchmaker......" In short, the main or because of different position, Patek Philippe positioning doomed it may not be as well known as Rolex.